Malnutrition Need Not Be a Life Sentence

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[piano music plays]
Interview in Aweil, South Sudan. William Deng is speaking, his speech is translated while footage of him and his family plays in the background.
My daughter, Adut, she was very sick. And I was afraid that my beautiful daughter was going to die. She became very thin from malnutrition. (Interview ends)
(Footage of Adut walking in black and white plays)
On screen text: Two years on and with the help of UNICEF, Adut has fully recovered.
(footage of Adut walking with her father)
Interview with Judy Juru Michael, Nutrition Officer for UNICEF South Sudan: After receiving Ready-to-use Therapeutic Food (RUTF), she has greatly improved. I’m very excited to see Adut today lively, happy and interacting.
(footage of Adut playing with her toys, smiling and laughing with Judy)
Judy speaks again directly into the camera: Malnutrition is not a life sentence. You can be treated and it is also preventable.
William speaks again: Now she is in good health. That is why I’m very happy and I thank God about that. (interview ends) (footage of Adut eating)
On screen text: 1.4 million children are at risk of acute malnutrition this year in South Sudan. But with help, it can be prevented as well as treated. (footage of Adut playing with her family)
A picture of a young girl eating appears, with on screen text that reads: We won’t stop working for every child and the UNICEF USA logo.
[Adut giggles, music fades]