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Many Mansions

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Upbeat music plays. Video begins with a slideshow of pictures of people (stationary, sitting, or active youth, families, and adults) and apartment properties.
(Female voice): Since 1979, Many Mansions has provided hope and homes to people in need.
(Female voice): Our mission is to break the cycle of poverty through quality housing, services, and education.
(Female voice): We currently provide hundreds of families with safe, affordable rental housing in Ventura and Los Angeles Counties.
(Female voice): As long as there is a need for affordable housing in our community, we will seek ways to provide families a place to call home.
(Female voice): At Many Mansions, we believe everyone deserves the opportunity to improve their quality of life.
(Female voice): In addition to quality housing, we provide a wide variety of life-enriching services to support our resident families.
(Female voice): From Homework Club to case management to food assistance to summer camp, we provide the opportunities and resources needed to strengthen each member of the family in the hopes of ending future generations of poverty.
(Female voice): This combination of housing, services, and education provides a foundation of stability for families to grow and improve their lives together.
Video ends with a black screen. On the black screen is a white logo that says, “Many Mansions” and some white text. The white text says, “CFC: #16864. Every gift makes a difference.”