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International Society for Bipolar Disorders

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(Voice Speaking) Bipolar disorder is a severe and often debilitating illness. But with the help of ISBD, our members are making a difference. Take a listen.

(Man Speaking) If you want to be part of where's the most active, leading-edge research happening? Where's that being presented? Where are the like-minded people who are as curious about, "What is bipolar disorder and how should we best treat it?" This is the place to go for that.

(Man 2 speaking) Being able to collaborate internationally gives us access to worldwide talent. And you need to work with other talented people. And ISBD has them.

(Woman speaking) ISBD is a unique place for international meetings, which has nothing equivalent to support the field of bipolar disorder.

(Gentle Music playing) Screen shows ISBD logo and CFC Number 33498