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Mid-Atlantic German Shepherd Rescue

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Charity name: Mid-Atlantic German Shepherd Rescue
CFC zone: 32 National Capital Area/Northern Virginia
Charity type: local
CFC #: 99138
Cause area: animal related
Cause of the week: animal welfare
Video transcript:
(Somber piano music playing throughout video)
(MAGSR logo and CFC # periodically appear on slides)
Title slide:
● Mid-Atlantic German Shepherd Rescue logo at center surrounded by information
about the organization:
○ Website address - MAGSR.org
○ Started in 1999
○ > 4200 adoptions
○ All volunteer workforce
○ Non-profit organization
○ Providing rescue and adoption services in MD, DE, PA, VA, and DC
● 2022 CFC logo and MAGSR’s CFC # on corners of slide
Statistics segment:
● Background of filthy shower stall where one of our rescued dogs was kept
● Each year in the US… followed by statistics:
○ 10,000 puppy mills breed over 2 million dogs solely for profit
○ 3.3 million dogs enter shelters
● Background changes to the face of one of our dogs who was actually scheduled
to be euthanized on the day we rescued her
○ 670,000 dogs are euthanized in shelters
○ Dogs in US shelters: German Shepherds Rank #5
● Sources (ASPCA and HSUS) at the bottom of each slide
Our dogs at intake segment:
● Most of our dogs come with physical, mental and emotional scars
● Side by side pictures of two of our dogs at or shortly before arrival
○ One severely emaciated, the other looking terrified and cowering
What we do segment:
● Here is what we do with generous contributions of time and money
● Intake slide
○ We give freedom rides (transport of dogs into our care)
○ Picture on left of dog in crate
○ Picture on right of dog in van with ramp and 2 individuals
● Medical/Rehabilitation slides
○ Picture of one of our dogs in leg braces
○ Video of same dog walking in rehabilitation tank
● Fostering and Adoption slide
○ Picture collage of individual dogs and diverse group of adopters
● Lifetime Commitment slide
○ Left side: Some dogs stay with us for life
○ Right side: We always accept returned dogs that are adoptable
○ Center picture of one of our dogs who will be financially supported
throughout her life if not adopted
Before and after segment:
● Heart shaped graphic in center
● Meet some of our faces of change
○ Clover: before and after with pictures
○ Mona Mi: before and after with pictures
○ Jazz: before and after with pictures
Other dogs segment:
● Heart shaped graphic in center
● Now meet some of our other dogs
○ Video of dog playing with ball
○ Video of two dogs (father and daughter) playing together
Contact us slide:
● Contact us
○ Email: [email protected]
○ Phone number: 410 644-7763
○ Website: magsr.org
○ Address: Mid Atlantic German Shepherd Rescue, PO Box 353, Mt Airy,
MD 21771
○ Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
Thank you slide:
● Thank you for watching!
● MAGSR and CFC logos flash onto slide