Miracles Happen

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[Island scenery] Narrator: At the center of the island
at the top of a hill
miracles happen.
[Woman carrying water] Anyelina lives here with her husband.
They make a good life with what they have.
But poverty has a sharp edge.
[Visiting a health clinic] When Anyelina was pregnant with her second child, she fell ill.
Her blood pressure was extremely high
[Americares health clinic] Anyelina is luckier than most.
She lives near one of the thousands of health centers
Americares supports worldwide.
[Doctor’s visit] At the Tambroli health center, Anyelina gave birth to a tiny daughter, but her blood pressure was still soaring.
But with care, mother and baby both survived.
[Anyelina, her husband and daughter at home] Anyelina and her husband gave their baby a special name.
Dolenny Milagro.
Milagro for miracle.
[Anyelina and Dolenny Milagro] When a mother is desperate for her baby's life, Americares makes miracles.