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Ronald had been homeless when he moved in with his mother. Because he wanted to help put food on the table, he visited a Nourish Food Bank. This is his story:
I went there without a job, and I was, you know, going there as a recipient And then when I finally got myself in a better place to where I could move a little bit better I actually started, um, working there. And I was just moving boxes and stuff. And it was like, “oh wait, you know I’m working here three times a week. I could probably get money doing this somewhere else.” And I got a job! I landed a job. But it made me feel good to be able to give back to society because I took a lot in the past. The people I interacted with in the food bank, they saw things in me that brought out the positive in me. And the more, the more I got there the happier I was. If somebody shows you value then maybe somehow that will go inside you and you can value yourself. And that’s basically…that’s really what happened to me in a food bank.