Operation Breakthrough Empowers Children and Families Facing Adversity

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Operation Breakthrough

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Operation Breakthrough started nearly 50 years ago with four babies in Sister Berta and Sister Corita's living room. Now it educates, feeds, heals, and loves more than 600 children and their families at 31st and Troost..

MARY ESSELMAN/CEO: There is such a great need in Kansas City for early learning and before and after school care.

One in five children at Operation Breakthrough is homeless and most come from families living on the less than $1,000 a month. 2/3 will witness or experience violence before the fifth birthday but here at Operation Breakthrough kids can come and be kids.

MARY ESSELMAN/CEO: We provide education, social services and health, always making sure the kids are having fun!

Our children’s futures begin in an infant rooms and in preK students spend every day prepping for school. In our Maker City, school-age kids are discovering lifelong interests and talents but Operation Breakthrough is a place where parents can learn and grow too!

MARY ESSELMAN/CEO: Our founders always said that what happens outside Operation Breakthrough’s doors is just as important as what happens inside and that’s why we work with the whole family.

Our children are full of potential and together we can give them the boost they need to make their dreams possible!