Operation Delta Dog

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Operation Delta Dog

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Operation Delta Dog
CFC Video Transcript

Scene 1

Subtitle: “Operation Delta Dog”

For caption: Operation Delta Dog logo, leafy tree background

Scene 2

Subtitle: “We’ve been able to start Operation Delta Dog to match the dogs that needed homes with the veterans that needed the help.”

For caption: Woman walking brown dog. Trainer giving treat to black dog. Man walking small tan dog. Service-dog tag hanging from vest. Operation Delta Dog gathering on a sunny fall day. People and dogs mingling and interacting.

Scene 3

Subtitle: “Nothing seemed right. I wasn’t connected to the world.”

For caption: Veteran, male, standing alone in field, talking to camera. Wearing red Operation Delta Dog hat and Army-green sweatshirt. Sunny fall weather.

Scene 4

Subtitle: “I’ve suffered with PTSD and anxiety. Basically I’ve been pretty much homebound.”

For caption: Veteran, female, sitting alone in front of wooded area, talking to camera. Sunny fall weather.

Scene 5

Subtitle: “I learned about service-dog organizations that were training service dogs just to help with the invisible disabilities that seemed to be causing the suicides, which are traumatic brain injury, or TBI, and post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD.”

For caption: Operation Delta Dog founder talking about how the organization got its start. Passing scenes of people and dogs: man sitting on a bench with service dog standing beside him; propped-up Operation Delta Dog sign; brown service dog.

Scene 6

Subtitle: “It’s been a dream. He’s my little battle buddy. He goes everywhere I go.”

For caption: Veteran, male, crouching beside his small tan service dog. Sunny fall weather.

Scene 7

Subtitle: “Now he notices when I tense up in my sleep, and he wakes me before my nightmares even begin.”

For caption: Veteran, female, telling her story to camera. Blonde, wearing dark leather coat. Sunny fall weather.

Scene 8

Subtitle: “We like to say, ‘The dogs get the homes they need, and the veterans get the help they deserve.”

For caption: Founder Trisha Blanchet sitting in wooded area, talking to camera. Brunette with red Operation Delta Dog jacket. Sunny fall weather.

Scene 9

Subtitle: “I love him for so many reasons, but mainly for giving back my life.”

For caption: Veteran, female, patting her service dog’s head and smiling with trainer. Blonde hair and dark leather jacket. Sunny fall weather.

Scene 10

Subtitle: “Operation Delta Dog”

For caption: Operation Delta Dog logo, leafy tree background