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SAR K9 CO-OP, INC, your local search and rescue Team, was established in 2012 as a 501(c)3 with the purpose of supporting official agencies, free of charge, to assist in the search and rescue of individuals lost, trapped, incapacitated, or deceased.

SAR K9 CO-OP, INC, is prepared to deploy teams within 20 minutes of receiving a call-out, 24/7. We are routinely called on to support:

SAR K9 CO-OP, INC provides educational programs and demonstrations to improve survivability of lost persons. These programs allow the community to socialize with the Team canines and learn their capabilities.

In addition to generously donating their time, each SAR handler shoulders the costs for training, certifications and search travel for themselves and their dogs. Each handler/dog team attends two Team trainings a week as well as continuing training assignments at home.

Community support provides advanced certifications/training opportunities along with obtaining new safety and training equipment for both handlers and dogs. This allows us to work with departments of all size that lack enough personnel, K9s, specific search tactic knowledge and equipment.
Thank you for your participation in the CFC campaign.
SAR K9 CO-OP, INC CFC #24820