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Patriot Paws Service Dogs

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Service Dogs for Disabled Veterans
CFC Combined Federal Campaign

Patriot Paws
{Male voice off camera} I enlisted in the military in 1990,
Where I stayed part of the 3rd Ranger Battalion for the next 20 years.
So, when I came home I had a really bad transition.
Just shutting out, and not being with my family.
I ended up in a few PTSD hospitals. I didn’t go to my kids’ football games or get out and be a parent
Until I had Chief. (Picture of Aaron & Chief)
And now I don’t miss a single thing with my kids.
I went from taking anywhere near 15-20 meds a day, and I’m now on zero medications.
{Female voice off camera} By helping us, you’re helping the veterans.
So this veteran doesn’t have to ask his children to pick up things off the floor.
If he falls in the bathroom late at night
He doesn’t have to lay there all night because he has a dog that’s trained to go get help.
It’s something they fought for. They fought for your independence and your freedom.
And now by helping us get them a dog, you’re helping them with their independence and freedom.
Patriot Paws Service Dogs