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“Here at Paws for Purple Hearts, our service dogs are so much more than just loving companions for our Warriors.”

*Michael calls Drew onto his lap and pets and kisses Drew.

“Highly trained over the course of two and a half years by professional program instructors,”

*Scout retrieves a cane off the floor for David.

“They learn over 100 different commands”

*Antje opens refrigerator with tug rope.

“for mobility challenges and trauma related conditions.”

*Nancy instructs Antje to shut refrigerator. Antje pushes shut refrigerator.

“These tasks would otherwise go to a caretaker, thereby allowing our Warriors to lead more independent lives.”

*Melissa points to her pill bottle on the nightstand. Reagan retrieved pill bottle and delivers it to Melissa on the bed.

“And they are, of course, also loving companions!”

*Scout licks David’s face while David sits on the couch.

*Logo Paws for Purple Hearts Warriors Helping Warriors. Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) #43093
Please consider choosing Paws for Purple Hearts as your beneficiary for this year’s Combined Federal Campaign. Your Donations go a long way in ensuring our Warriors receive life-changing treatment with our service-dog companions. Ask your HR Department for details.