Pilots to the Rescue Video

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Pilots to the Rescue Inc.

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Day in the life
Michael, Pilot & Founder
Subtitles: So here we are at the hangar of Pilots to the Rescue’s official plane. [OS: Michael, Pilot & Founder] And Daniel, I think it’s maxed. [OS: Daniel, Co-Pilot] I don’t think we can fit anymore. So now we’re going to close up and get ready to go. [OS: In 2014, Pilots to the Rescue embarked on their first rescue mission.] Daniel, what kind of sandwich do I have? It’s the Michael Schneider special. It’s a PB&J. Every time we fly you bring one. I generally eat the peanut butter and jelly sandwich before we pick up our pawsengers. Because we all know dogs love peanut butter. [OS: That mission rescued a litter of 10 abandoned ‘ditch puppies,’ slated to be euthanized, and delivered them to be adopted by loving homes.] Yeah, you had a good flight. They were pretty good in the plane, most of them just laid down and went to sleep. Yeah, you were good pawsengers. So now we’re bringing them to New Chance Animal Rescue where some of them will be fostered and hopefully, eventually, all of them adopted. You ready to go? [OS: Pilots to the Rescue now rescues over 100 dogs every year.]

Transcription: This video walks the viewer through a day in the life of the Pilots to the Rescue. It shows the process of loading up the plane with supplies, flying to pick up the dogs, and then delivering the rescues to the shelter to be adopted.

Alternative text: Various shots of 2 men loading up a small plane with supplies. The two men fly the plane to another location and then load multiple dogs onto the plane. The dogs are seen sleeping on the plane and then the dogs are unloaded off the plane and moved into a car for transport.