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Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas
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Lisa Ray:
Hi, I'm Lisa Ray and I have worked for Planned Parenthood for 20-plus years. I feel very privileged to have done so. I see a huge need for birth control, and my goal is to make sure that no woman has an unintended pregnancy under my care.

Ken Lambrecht:
The sad reality is the most marginalized members of our communities, who already faced systemic barriers to care, suffer the most for lack of access to contraception. Research shows that the solution to this problem is access to affordable and effective birth control. This is how we improve lives and transform lives.

Ken Lambrecht:
Planned Parenthood is uniquely positioned to help with this. With our 22 health centers and tele-health platforms that reach the most remote parts of Texas, we provide contraception to people who need it. And with your help, we can do even more.