The PMC's Journey Clinic Outreach

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PMC (Pregnancy Medical Clinic)

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PMC CFC video transcript
(PMC logo) At the Pregnancy Medical Clinic, we know that (woman looking at pregnancy test, starts to smile) finding out you are pregnant can be a time of mixed emotions. (woman and man hug) It may be a time of joy, (girl sitting on a swing) or a time of uncertainty and fear. (girl talking with nurse and advocate in consultation room) We also know that with support, a woman can find the strength and courage she needs to continue her journey.
(Front of Journey Clinic building) The Pregnancy Medical Clinic is a (advocate sitting at computer looking at file) life-affirming organization that provides medical, emotional, and social support to women in early pregnancy.
(Journey Clinic sign) Through our medical location, Journey Clinic, (girl talking with nurse and advocate in consultation room) our confidential services help our patients to find answers about their health, to identify support networks, (girl talking to nurse and advocate in hallway)and to discover positive alternatives to life decisions.
(woman sitting at computer) All of our services are completely community funded, by individuals just like you. We are grateful for your support and we truly could not do this without you (PMC logo with CFC #59747) thank you!