Rose Diop on Tostan's Approach

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[music playing]
White screen with the Tostan logo appears – screen changes to green and reads Resilience Beyond COVID-19. Rose Diop, National Coordinator of Tostan Senegal on Tostan’s Approach
Video of Rose being interviewed plays. Her responses are translated:
Tostan model is first of all community awareness.
How to ensure that the entire community can adhere to what we are doing?
If we want what we’re promoting is appropriate for everyone, everyone must be able to give its opinion. Everyone must be able to participate actively.
And what we’re looking for is that they understand, in order to be able to act in case of difficulty.
And every time they are facing any difficulties they are trying to use the problem solving process.
Green screen appears with text that reads: Tostan’s Community Empowerment Program empowers communities to change their own lives. Tostan uses a human rights-based approach that ensures everything we do reinforces human rights and responsibilities. The Tostan logo appears again.