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Saving Gracie an angel fund for pets (logo throughout video posted)
Our story
Healing human hearts and the pets who love them
Saving Gracie was founded in 2016 to help pets avoid being put to sleep because their owners couldn't afford emergency vet care.
We realized our program saves more than the pet's life, it preserves the health-giving bond that exists between humans and their pets.
We provide pet owners with financial assistance when facing a veterinary emergency.
(Map of CA) California Countries served
Our primary goal is to end what has become known as "economic euthanasia" wherever we can in California.
With your support we can help pet owners avoid the trauma of losing a pet just because they can't afford vet care.
Saving Gracie has proudly saved the lives of many precious pets but most importantly we've stopped the trauma of needless loss and healed countless human hearts by keeping families together.
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Your donations help humans keep the pets they love!
Saving Gracie an angel fund for pets & their people!