Saving Herbert's Life at the Kauai Humane Society

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Herbert came to the Kauai Humane Society after a door had been slammed on his head. He was suffering from major brain swelling and a loss of vision. He was unable to eat or drink on his own. We honestly did not know if he was going to make it. Herbert first went home with a member of our staff who provided around the clock care. Herbert met his foster brother Bronx, another special needs kitten, and the two began their recovery together. Eventually, Herbert found his forever home. And he turned into the most loving and fun cat. Cases like Herbert’s come into the shelter all the time. No matter the issue or the circumstance, our team is always ready to help an animal in need. But our lifesaving work is only made possible by the generosity of people like YOU. Your help can make sure the Kauai Humane Society can continue to save the lives of dogs and cats like Herbert. Learn more about the Kauai Humane Society by visiting our website at
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There is soft music playing in the background of a video showing a small orange kitten who had been injured and suffered a head trauma. There are pictures of him sleeping and unable to open his eyes and being fed by a staff member. As he grows, there is video of him sleeping and playing with his foster brother cat, Bronx. Then you see him playing outside with cat toys and his newly adopted family including their dog.