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Jenny Knight
Home Care Director

What motivates our staff is knowing that we have made a difference in our patients and families lives. It's always a good day at the office when I get a phone call from a patient or a family that says, "let me tell you what your nurse has done for us."

Betty & John Lovvorn

We chose Shepherd's Cove for three of our family members, because we knew their reputation. We knew the family members would be taken care of, and we definitely made the right choice.

Joni Evans
RN, Primary On Call Nurse

There's no greater honor than being able to help a family, and the patient, in their greatest time of need.

Wanda Van Lanen

We become extremely close to the patient and the family, almost as if we're family ourselves.

Cody & Laina
The reason me and my family chose Shepherd's Cove is because of the way they help families that we know in our community.

Shepherd's Cove
Our Heart Sets Us Apart