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Cultural Academy for Excellence

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WHO – For the past 24 years, the Cultural Academy for Excellence, has enabled over 1,500 children and families from underserved communities to achieve scholastic success and personal fulfillment.
WHAT - Our afterschool programs feature innovative projects [string of clips and pics depicting various initiatives, such as gardening] Which build fundamental academic and creative skills in a nurturing and safe environment. Your contributions will help us expand our services and address such pressing issues as childhood obesity and rampant food insecurity. [farm clips, gardening, yoga,]
Thanks to CFC for choosing CAFÉ as one of a select number of charities eligible to receive donations from supporters like yourself. [alumni pics, tutors, parents] website:
Donate/Support/Show Some Love CFC#26583. Visit, like, and follow us!
www.CAFEYOUTH.ORG; facebook homepage: //CAFEYOUTH; twitter: //CAFEYouthOrg; LinkedIn: //CAFEYouthOrg; Instagram: //CAFEYouthOrg; YouTube: //CAFEYouthOrg; email: [email protected]; phone: 301 785-0390