Stability in the Philippines

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Habitat for Humanity International

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(soft music plays)
[video of sunflowers] [on screen text: Tacloban, Philippines]
[video of house and blue sky] [interview with man named Virgilio]
My name is Virgilio, and I live with my wife.
[video of Virgilio sitting and speaking to the camera] We have been married for three years, and we are so happy together.
(rooster crows) [framed photos of Virgilio and his wife] When I first saw her, I just fell in love with her. She’s always there for me. She’s beautiful, outside and inside.
[video of them in their home] We enjoy being together in our house.
We like to garden, [the couple in their backyard] cleaning the surroundings. And eating together.
My wife is the best chef in the world.
That’s why I’m a little bit chubby now. (laughs)
[video of the couple eating together] Every family dreams to have their own house,
And now this is our own house, and we are so thankful.
[image of the couple smiling] This house changed our lives.
It’s a good story.
[Habitat for Humanity logo appears,]