Together for 500,000

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World Bicycle Relief

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[singing and music plays]
Text appears on a white screen occasionally turning different colors, switching to footage and images:
500,000 life-changing bicycles
(Montage footage of people riding bicycles)
An audacious goal just within reach
(Montage footage of students riding bicycles)
Are you with us?
(Montage footage of students riding bicycles and smiling)
500,000 students, caregivers, farmers, sisters, brothers, fathers, mothers
(images of people riding bikes on the white screen)
Pedaling out of poverty
(montage footage of people walking, working, riding bikes)
And into their futures
(footage of students riding their bikes)
Changing the world
(footage of people biking down long lanes)
With two wheels
(montage footage of people riding bikes)
500,000 people thriving
(footage of a woman smiling)
500,000 new beginnings
(footage of a man riding a bike)
(drone footage of people riding down long lanes)
Our time is now, together for
(footage of a group riding bikes)
(Numbers quickly adding up to 500,000) 500,000 life-changing bicycles
(colorful screen)
White screen appears with text reading: Join Us! And the website
[music fades]