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[Team members baking granola in the kitchen]

Together We Bake is a nonprofit workforce training and personal development program for women in need. We serve low-income women involved with the criminal justice system, facing long-term unemployment, experiencing homelessness, and/or assimilating to America as

[woman taking cookies off of the tray, placing them on a cooling sheet]

recent immigrants.

Our program is centered around a small business through which women actively learn and participate in food production, food safety education, and business skills.

We teach empowerment and life-skills classes to help women develop confidence, healthy coping strategies, and a strong support network as they move towards self-sufficiency.

[Colida, Together We Bake Program Manager, speaking in the kitchen about the program]

What I love about Together We Bake is the fact that our core, top value is all about empowerment, uplifting these ladies, and working on their confidence and motivating them and letting them know that they’re truly worth anything and everything they put their heart and mind to.

[Our commitment to empowering women is baked into everything we do!

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