Too Many People Don't Have Access to Smokefree Air

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Asthma, Cancer and Heart Disease Prevention Through Smokefree Air

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Why we do what we do: breathing secondhand smoke at work Is still a reality for 39% of the workforce. More than 1 in 3 nonsmokers who live in rental housing are exposed to secondhand smoke
The American Nonsmokers’ Rights Foundation’s work saves lives
We work with partners on the ground to educate communities. If one tenant smokes, you all smoke
We educate the public about the dangers of secondhand smoke
We're working together for a smoke-free world
Our education efforts about exposure to SHS in workplaces and public places contribute to improved community health.

We educate about the misinformation from Big Tobacco, exposing interference with the passage of local smokefree laws.

We provide decades of experience, technical assistance, and strategic direction to local and state health departments,, tribal groups and coalitions throughout the united states.

Thousands of local ordinances have passed in communities with the support of our model ordinance language, training and technical assistance

We track tobacco laws
ANR Foundation’s U.S. Tobacco Control Laws Database© -the only one of its kind - serves as a key resource for researchers and media. Researchers use our data to document trends and research the effectiveness of tobacco-related legislation.
The Tobacco Control Laws data have been used in more than 550 peer-reviewed journal articles, studies, and/or reports, and in multiple NCI monographs and Surgeon Generals’ Reports.
We are also the home of the only national database of smokefree and tobacco-free college campus policies.
the data available in our Database includes sales and distribution, youth access, excise taxes, conditional use permits, and advertising. Only laws that are personally reviewed and analyzed by ANR Foundation staff using standardized criteria and 100% smokefree definitions are included in ANR Foundation’s smokefree lists.

The ANR Foundation has worked on education efforts for over a decade with the Smokefree Casinos project, attending gaming conferences, educating workers and visitors, and collecting quiet support from gaming industry leaders and employees.
The American Nonsmokers’ Rights Foundation launched the Smokefree Music Cities project in October 2018 to raise awareness about musicians who were still forced to work in smoke-filled clubs, bars, and casinos.

We educate the public about the dangers of secondhand smoke
We provide direct support to those exposed to secondhand smoke
Together we’re working for a smokefree world
We’re building a smokefree generation

ANR Foundation DBA: Asthma, Cancer, and Heart Disease Prevention CFC# 11835