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Description of content: Kenny York, founder of Manna Cafe Ministries, speaks about the organization. He shows and talks about some of the services offered at Manna to include food box distribution and the Refuge community building.

Description of action: The video highlights clients in the intake room completing an application for the food box distribution program. Kenny speaks in multiple locations on the campus of Manna Village as he talks about what Manna offers and the direction of growth for the organization. The video ends at the Refuge building showing where hot meals, worship times, and community events will take place.


Ok, so right now we are standing in our intake area.

This is part of our food box distribution.

This is where our clients can come and they fill out their paperwork, and they see when they are eligible for a box.

Right now, we service 2,000 families a month through this room.

They come in and get their food box.

This is a key point of where we are and what we do.

Now we are standing in the Refuge.

We are so excited about this building.

It’s in this building, where we are going to have meals, we’re going to have worship times, and we’re going to have community events.

God told me a couple of years ago that it was time for Manna and me, personally, to not just be about feeding the body with food.

It’s time to start feeding the spirit with God’s word and change the community.

We’ve been doing a pretty good job and doing the feeding but it is time to do the rest.

Do the rest of the ministry, not just the serving part.