Unleashing Potential in West Africa

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(music playing)
[on screen text: Tostan unleashes potential.]
[video of women listening to a presentation] [translation of woman speaking: The magic of the Tostan program is democracy and human rights.]
Khady Ndiaye, Tostan Facilitator, being interviewed. Translation: This is the key to the success of the community. No matter what challenges they face,
[video of child receiving healthcare] [Khady’s translation: they are able to find a solution.]
[video of child’s hands playing] [video of healthcare worker smiling]
[video of people walking] [translation of a different woman speaking: Before]
[video of children in school] [translation of woman speaking: our daughters didn’t go to school]
[translation of woman speaking as she talks to the camera: and they underwent female genital cutting.]
[video of girls dancing] [woman’s translation: But now we have stopped that practice and today they are healthy.]
[video of women talking to men] [woman’s translation: Thanks to Tostan classes, our relations with our husbands have improved. Before women had no voice in the home]
[video of girls in school] and we weren’t allowed to give our opinion.
[translation of woman speaking as she talks to the camera: or participate in community activities.]
[video of women talking to men] [woman’s translation: It was only the men who made decisions.]
[on screen text: Long after participating in the Tostan program, communities continue to work towards their agreed-upon vision for a brighter future - and continue to reach out to neighbors and their extended family to promote positive change.