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USA Cares Veteran & Family Support System
Matt Castor / VP of USA Cares
Just in the last ten years, we've been able to stop more than 4,500 families from being evicted from their homes. We can assist those families sin less than 48 hours to get those payments made, to keep them in their home and keep them together. The other thing that's important to understand is that we're not making these payments directly towards those veterans. We're paying their mortgage company, We're paying the loan holder. That way our donors know that money is that they gave is getting to where it needs to be, and the services are getting handled.
(USA CARES website shot / DONATE Every dollar given makes a difference, and that difference starts with you)
There's all kinds of ways that people can support USA CARES.
Obviously, financial is always the biggest need going to USACARES.ORG and making a donation is key. The great think is $0.85 of every dollar given to USA Cares goes directly towards the mission. That's unheard of in a lot of other non-profits around the country, and we're very proud of that.
The need is real Go to and make a donation today.
Veteran & Family support system