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“Lindsey Doray talks about Second Chance Animal Services: “My name is Lindsey Doray, I’m the Development Director here at Second Chance Animal Services. While we wish we could be there in person, we’re really excited to tell you about everything we’ve been doing here at Second Chance. [Picture shown of woman in glasses with a dog] We made the decision early on that we would continue to do whatever we could to remain open for the pets that need us now more than ever. [Picture shown of veterinary care worker holding kitten] Second Chance provides so many services for sick, homeless, and at-risk pets. We couldn’t let them down! [Picture shown of a happy dog] Our hospitals have been busier than ever as many places have limited services or closed. [Picture shown of veterinary care worker holding a cat] We swapped to a curbside process so pet owners can remain in the safety of their vehicles while their pets are brought inside for care. [Picture shown of curbside vet service] [Picture shown of small dog sitting on a desk next to someone on a laptop. [Picture shown of Veterinarian holding a cat] We brought all emergency surgeries to one hospital so that we could conserve what we had and make sure that pets got the care that they needed. [Picture shown of animal surgical procedure] Our food panty has been a real-life line for pets during this crisis. [Picture shown of Pet Food Pantry sign] We’re now working with more local food pantries than ever so that no pet goes hungry. [Picture of empty pet food bowl] [Picture of masked person’s face being licked by a dog] You can check out all that we’re doing by visiting our website at www.secondchanceanimals.org” [Picture shown of two dogs being rescued]”