A Vital Earth. For Everyone.

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Environmental Defense Fund

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0:01 what is vitality
0:03 vitality is life
0:05 vitality is energy
0:07 vitality is passion
0:10 vitality is change vitality is
0:14 vital
0:16 but what is vital
0:18 touch is vital love is vital
0:22 breath is vital food and air and water
0:26 and soil and nature the earth is vital
0:29 but for whom
0:31 a vital earth for mothers fathers
0:35 daughters
0:36 sons farmers fishers ranchers teachers
0:41 students
0:42 snakes ospreys zebras coral cattle
0:46 communities
0:47 everyone and everything on earth
0:51 everyone
0:53 a vital earth
0:55 for everyone