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The video starts with two veterans hiking the Mountains-to-Sea Trail in North Carolina and the voice of one of the veterans, Michelle Revoir, describing her experience with Warrior Expeditions. The video cuts to the founder of Warrior Expeditions, Sean Gobin (US Marine Corps veteran), standing in front of and then sitting in, the Warrior Expeditions support vehicle. As Sean talks about why he founded Warrior Expeditions, the video shows a montage of several different veterans actively participating in Warrior Expeditions’ outdoor therapy programs – including hiking, biking, and paddling. These are actual veterans during their actual Warrior Hike, Warrior Bike, or Warrior Paddle program.


Michelle Revoir (US Air Force veteran): “This is my second hike with Warrior Expeditions. I love it. I think this is an amazing, amazing program. It lets me kind of get back to who I am and what I want out of life.”

Sean Gobin (US Marine Corps veteran):

“Warrior Expeditions is a veteran nonprofit outdoor therapy program. We help veterans transition from their wartime experiences by doing these hiking, biking, and paddling trips all over the United States. The assistance that Warrior Expeditions gives to our veterans means a lot to me to me because I was really struggling when I got out of the Marines. A lot of times you come home from war, after witnessing the absolute worst of humanity and you really start to go down this black hole. The worst-case scenario is they turn to drugs and alcohol and ultimately suicide. The key is to … is to break that cycle. We send these veterans out for months at a time. It’s over that long-distance and long-duration of being out, in nature, where the healing occurs.