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His Hands Mission International

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This video tells people about what His Hands Mission International does to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and improve the lives of the people through water filter projects in remote Central America.

00:00 From this mountain side in Honduras, Joel Aycock looks out across the surrounding villages.

00:07 He started His Hands Mission International changing eight thousand lives with three simple things....

00:13 Prayer..., Concrete..., and Water. Adults and children live with the sickness

00:19 of a stomach bug, attacking them again, and again; making them miss work and school.

00:25 Joel contacts local health officials, delivering water filters to those most in need.

00:30 When you consider life with dirt floors....

00:33 No electricity....

00:35 No Bathrooms...

00:36 Receiving a water filter is a big deal!

00:41 Once inside, layers of washed gravel, course, then fine sand are added.

00:46 A little bleach disinfects the system and after 3 days of rinsing....

00:50 Pure water runs from the tap.

00:53 Prayer…..

00:54 Concrete……

00:55 and Water……

00:56 CFC Charity Number 49221

00:57 CFC Charity Number 49221