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National Speleological Society
We are the National Speleological Society. We protect, study, and explore caves.
[Videos of cavers entering caves]
We protect groundwater from pollution . . .
[Diagram and video of underground river]
. . . and delicate formations for thousands to experience. [Videos and views of cave formations and entering a gated cave entrance.]
We protect insect-eating bats and other unique forms of wildlife that live in caves.
[Videos of scientists studying bats and videos and views of cave-adapted insects and crayfish.]
We study the biology, geology, archaeology, and paleontology of caves.
[Videos of scientists working in caves.]
We explore, measure, and map caves.
[Video of cave surveyors and view of cave map.]
We train teams to rescue spelunkers.
[Videos of classroom and in-cave rescue training.]
And much more. We are the National Speleological Society.
[View of the N.S.S. logo.]
You can support our work with caves by giving to the National Speleological Foundation, Combined Federal Campaign code 15492.
[Videos of cavers in underground river and in crawlway.]
Video Clips Contributed by Derek Bristol, Terry Holsinger, Ray Maslak, Greg Passmore, Michael Taylor.
Still Images by Chelsea Ballard, National Park Service, National Speleological Society.
Map Courtesy of Bert Ashbrook.
Written by Bert Ashbrook.
Narration by Joe Taylor.
Edited by Edward Frank.
Music by John Covert, "Lily Lane."
Copyright 2020 by E Forrest Frank Productions, LLC.