We Believe

Charity Name
Mercy Corps

CFC Zone

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[upbeat music plays]
Clips: smiling faces, people walking
Text: We believe
Clips: people cleaning around a destroyed building
Text: people can survive through crisis
Clips: farmers working in a field
Text: people can build better lives
Clips: artists painting on the side of a building
Text: people can transform their community
Clips: white screen
Text: because we believe
Clips: a woman walking with a jerry can on her head, a child talking, people smiling, a Mercy Corps employee
Text: in the power of human potential
Clips: cartoon image of a family
Text: we have helped 220 million people
Clips: white screen
Text: build a better future for themselves, their families, their community.
Clips: people dancing, playing games, hugging each other, waving to the camera
Text: Together
Clips: white screen
Text: a better world is possible
Clips: different shots of the Mercy Corps logo appearing in artwork and on signs
Red screen appears with the white Mercy Corps logo and the website, mercycorps.org
[music stops]