We Won't Live With Poverty

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Oxfam America

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[music plays]
[Overhead view of refugee camp. Ground view, small child carries a stick toward a dumpster, tents in the background.]
[Woman stands at the center of a clothing store.]
Woman’s Voiceover: Enough is enough.
[Man stands at the center of a pub.]
Man’s Voiceover:I don't know why we still put up with it
[Young man carrying water canisters stands in countryside.]
Young man voiceover: Because we don't have to.
[Scenes of clean water being dispensed into buckets, children clapping and singing songs, and narrator editing video of himself on a computer monitor.]
Narrator: In just 15 years, extreme poverty has been halved.
[Scenes of young women looking out over poor residential zones.]
Young woman voiceover: In the next 15 it could be gone.
[music swells]
Woman in desert camp: Together.
Woman in a rural village: Together.
Young man with water cans: Together.
Narrator in front of bulletin board: Together.
Young girl in front of desert camp: Together.
Man in pub: Together.
Young girl standing in the street: We won't live with poverty.
[Green graphic on black background. Oxfam logo with words changing beneath: Give, Act, Share, Oxfam.]
[White text fades in: We won’t live with poverty.]
[music: Together!]