We Won't Stop

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[music plays]
[Fade in to man in sweatshirt and hat staring at camera.]
Narrator: Unreasonable.
[Flashing images of destruction, explosions, child in pain.]
Narrator: That's how you have to be if you want to change things.
[Young woman staring at camera.]
[Flashing images of refugee camps, military strikes, flooding.]
[Different man stares at camera.]
Narrator: Relentless.
[Flashing images of medial personnel, helicopter, camps.]
[Different woman stares at camera.]
Narrator: Tenacious.
[Different man stares at camera.]
Narrator: Stubborn.
[Flashing images of many people staring straight ahead. Ends with one person opening their eyes, then cut to woman wearing blue shirt with UNICEF logo on the back.]
Narrator: The world's children need people like that...
[Baby cries in a bed.]
Narrator: ...people who see the impossible as an incentive to try harder. Who will find one good reason to keep going...
[Overhead view of a city as a building explodes below.]
Narrator: ...in the face of a thousand reasons to stop.
[Vans driving through desert landscape.]
Narrator: So shout out to the hardcore who get the hard yards…
[People aboard a motor boat moving down a wide river.]
Narrator: ...because big problems need big solutions from big game players.
[Scenes of vehicles driving through countryside, jungle, and on highways.]
[Helicopter with UNICEF logo landing in the countryside.]
Narrator: You know the type - the dogged...
[Car attempts to cross wooden bridge and wheel goes through gap.]
[Person carrying a package under arm trudges through tall snow.]
Narrator: The determined, the unreasonable.
[Scenes of workers wearing UNICEF logo blue clothing crossing ziplines, working with children, administering medicine, giving out clothing, singing songs.]
Narrator: UNICEF. We are 13,000 strong and we won't stop until the rights of every child are protected.
[White out to blue UNICEF logo with text below: “For every child” and website unicefusa.org/wontstop]
Narrator: Will you help us? UNICEF for every child.