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The video contains footage of a variety of our residents playing and receiving care, medical attention, and behavioral support while awaiting adoption in our facility. The voiceover transcript is as follows: "As northern New Mexico's largest open-admission, no-kill shelter, the Santa Fe Animal Shelter saves thousands of homeless animals every year. Animals from Santa Fe County and all over the state come through our doors. But what makes us different from many other shelters is that we care for the animals in whatever condition they arrive in. Our in-house shelter clinic welcomes animals with the basic necessities and goes further in extreme cases of neglect or injury. Behavior specialists take in fearful, shy, but deserving souls and rehabilitate them with love, and training tailored to their needs. We hope you'll consider supporting the homeless animals in New Mexico by giving to the Santa Fe Animal Shelter. Since 1939, your hometown shelter has been dedicated to its mission to support animals, save lives, and spread compassion."