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SOME, Inc. (So Others Might Eat)

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[Intro by Father John Adams, President Emeritus, with footage of clients and volunteers in the SOME Dining Room]:
The services that SOME provides begin with our Dining Room and that's the reason we were founded, which was to serve hungry and homeless people a meal-- 2 meals, every day of the week.
[Volunteer, Michael Williams, speaks about what SOME does and SOME's relationship with their clients]:
This Kitchen is only the front door of what SOME has to offer, which is kinda of amazing that you think of SOME as a place that serves lunch, but it's really the beginning of a relationship with their clients.
[Client shown walking to SOME and receiving medical services]

Father John: We also provide an opportunity for people to come across the the street here, to receive Medical care, to receive a Dental Care, to our Eye Clinic, addiction counseling, seeing a mental health worker.

[SOME Center for Employment Training Staff conversing with client]
Father John: We also provide job training which is a vital part of getting out of homelessness.
[Individuals and families involved in Supportive Housing are shown doing their day-to-day activities]
Father John: We also provide services such as housing for people with families and for permanent Supportive Housing, which is much needed in our city.

[Client, David Gladden, Resident of Kuehner House, shown in his kitchen and shares his experience with SOME]:
When I first moved in Jeremiah House, I didn't have nothing and SOME has helped me put my life back together.

[Video Ends with SOME's CFC Information]
So Others Might Eat
UW# 8189 | CFC# 74405