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The war in Ukraine is devastating for humans. And also for animals.
For every human harmed or killed by a landmine, an estimated 55 animals suffer the same fate.
WellBeing International has partnered with four other highly-experienced NGOs to address the three Rs of disaster response: Rescue, Relief + Rebuild.
To date, our efforts have primarly focused on relief at the borders and in country. We provide pet food and supplies, water, veterinary services, sheltering and pet passports to Ukrainians and their pets at border crossings.
And we're supplying and transporting food into Ukraine where volunteers and soldiers feed the many animals left behind.
We are conducting limited rescue -- within safety constraints -- of animals from war-damaged shelters and zoos.
We have begun the planning to rebuild animal shelters and will proceed when safe.
But we need your help to continue our response efforts. Please donate today. Thank you. WellBeing International CFC# 29679