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What is Develop Africa?
Develop Africa is a non-profit organization that empowers students in West Africa through educational support, which fosters self-reliance so students can become future leaders in their communities.
Develop Africa provides school support including tuition support and exam support.
Develop Africa provides school supplies
"Thank you for your support"
Develop Africa provides at-home study support including calculators, kindles, and solar lights to study at night.
Develop Africa provides STEM Training.
"I've built my first robot and that feels very, very exciting"
Develop Africa provides computer training for success in today's technology-driven environment.
Develop Africa holds mentoring sessions.
"On behalf of Develop Africa girls, I want to say a very, very, big thank you to donors for giving us these mentoring sessions."
Develop Africa provides health and wellness support including food support and bed nets to protect students from Malaria.