What's Next? Supporting People as They Age

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Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging

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Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging advances support for older adults and caregivers.
[on screen: Our Mission…Advancing support for older adults and caregivers]
Our programs and services are diverse, but they share the common theme of supporting people as they age, facing transitions in life and answering the question: What’s Next?
[on screen: Combating social isolation]
Through our senior centers and other outreach, we help people avoid social isolation and provide solutions for healthy living.
[on screen: Solutions for healthy living]
We help older adults stay engaged and live independently by assuring their health and wellness, both physical and mental.
[on screen: Financial wellness and housing stability]
Through counseling, coaching and group education, we help people achieve financial wellness and housing stability
[on screen: ensuring proper nutrition]
As a local Meals on Wheel member, we deliver nutritious meals to homebound older adults.
[on screen: support for caregivers]
Benjamin Rose also helps family caregivers plan for current and future care needs. We’re a trusted resource for reliable information and referrals.
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Learn how you can support our mission at ben-rose-dot-org.