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The disAbility Resource Center

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Imagine you’re 40 years old, have a well-paid job, take full-time classes and have a fulfilling social life. And now imagine that all of this is gone in the blink of an eye because you had a stroke. That was me in 2013 and if it wasn’t for Grace and this office, I don’t know if I had survived. From helping me with phone calls, filling out paperwork, connecting me with the right programs to getting me out of dangerous and inaccessible living situation. Grace and her colleagues got me through the darkest and scariest times of my life. I can now live independently with my service dog and the help of attendance because of the disAbility Resource Center. Would you have known what to do? Please choose this life-saving and life-changing non-profit so that with your help they can keep doing what they do best and help with all kinds of disabilities.Donate to the disAbility Resource Center