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The video shows Wounded Warrior Homes Executive Director and Co-Founder Mia Roseberry and Wounded Warrior Homes Alumnus Jordan Ross seated in front of the camera discussing Wounded Warrior Homes.

Opening Slide: Wounded Warrior Homes logo, "Wounded Warrior Homes", “Helping Those Who Protect Our Freedom”, "www.Wounded WarriorHomes.org", “CFC # 96110”

Mia: I'm Mia Roseberry, Executive Director and Co-Founder of Wounded Warrior Homes.
Jordan: Hi, my name's Jordan Ross, I'm a veteran and I used to be in Wounded Warrior Homes
Mia: Wounded Warrior Homes provides transitional housing and re-integrative support services for post 9/11 veterans with Traumatic Brain Injury and Post-Traumatic Stress.
Mia: When you go home at night, think about the fact that we each have a home to go home to. Now imagine your home is gone. Then what are you going to do?
Jordan: And that was my experience. I spent four years in the Army, and when I got out I suffered from really bad PTSD, and once joining Wounded Warrior Homes, they gave me a foundation to restart my life, and I'm getting ready to get my associate's degree and actually transfer Cal State San Marcos.
Mia: We would like to continue the tradition of supporting the veterans in our community and we appreciate your support. Thank you.
Jordan: Thank You
Closing Slide: Wounded Warrior Homes logo with organization name in block text with the tagline “Helping Those Who Protect Our Freedom”, website address: www.Wounded WarriorHomes.org, and “CFC # 96110”