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Wounded Veterans Relief Fund

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Wounded Veterans Relief Fund

My name is Christopher Matthews, I was in the United States Army. My name is Rachel Heines, I am a retired Sergeant with the US Army. I’m Demond Thomas or Specialist Demond Thomas. It’s a lot harder to be in a war zone and then coma back to civilian life and have to deal with people that don’t understand. The military doesn’t set you up for success when you get out. If I didn’t receive the help from Wounded Veterans Relief Fund, I probably would’ve been homeless. Single mom, one income, that makes it even harder, so they’ve definitely eased my life you know with the assistance they’ve provided for me. I don’t know if I’d be here today dealing with the issues of being homeless, not having a place to stay, having a child, I would’ve lost myself completely. Without them I would have most definitely been evicted. Here it seems like a family right when you step through the door.