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Justin Urbina interviews the director of Yukon Sharing Ministry, Missy King. She talks about the services her organization provides, how to donate, volunteer, and how to find the organization on social media. Charity logo is on the side.

Tell us a little bit about what this is.

Where did you guys start? Okay Yukon sharing was founded in 1987 by a

group of people that it was just their mission

or calling to help people in need.

So they've always said they give a hand up not a handout.

So we provide food clothing

and small household items to people that live in the Yukon Public School

District that encompasses the ZIP codes of 73099, 73085 and 73127,

Okay. So if someone did want to donate something here,

how do they do that? They could come to our office which is it

for North 6th Street or give us a call at (405)354-9456

and we'd be glad to help them out.

All right, and so social media, you're on social media.

We are we are we have a Facebook page and it has our days and times of operation.

Okay, and so you can find out everything you need to know right there on Facebook

or call them or stop by here and donate your items.