2021 Special Solicitation: Winter Storm Shirley

SPECIAL SOLICITATION: WINTER STORM SHIRLEY2021 special solicitation announced through april 9 to help those affected in texas, with two hands holding and helping

The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) has announced that the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) has reopened to support charities serving and affected by Winter Storm Shirley in the Texas and surrounding areas, in response to President Biden declaring a major disaster in the region. This Special Solicitation will run through April 9, 2021.

Over 6,000 charities that participated in the 2020 CFC will be eligible to receive additional gifts from generous federal employees who wish to pledge immediate aid and relief to those impacted by the severe winter weather. Gifts will be distributed to charities as early as the following month, to help them meet the increased demand for resources and support from those in need.

  • Donors who pledged in the 2020 CFC can supplement their gifts with an additional donation that will directly help charities impacted by, and supporting the relief efforts.
  • Existing donors can contribute to the cause with a one-time or recurring through their accounts by
    logging in.2021 special solicitation announced through april 9 to help those affected in texas, with cowboy hat
  • Those who are interested in joining the CFC, can make an account and pledge today by accessing the portal here, or by downloading the CFC Mobile Giving App. 

Gifts pledged to charities in Texas and other affected areas will empower them to do what they do best: benefiting all of our communities locally, nationally, and around the world during this time of great need.

Thank you for supporting charities and beneficiaries through the Combined Federal Campaign!

Download OPM's memo here.