Do 60, Give 60

Federal Employees and Retirees:

During the 2021 Combined Federal Campaign (CFC), we are recognizing 60 years of meaningful change and charitable giving by the federal community! Since establishment in 1961, generous changemakers like you have pledged over $8.5 billion to participating charities.

To celebrate our impact, we invite you to take part in our Do 60, Give 60 challenge. do 60 give 60 logo

  1. Do 60
    • Choose an activity and timeframe in an increment of 60. We recommend volunteering, reading a book, walking in a park, or trying a new hobby for 60 minutes. If you want a physical challenge, try doing 60 push-ups or 60 jumping jacks!

    • Look to your CFC representative for an office-wide event invitation to participate in an activity with your colleagues.

  2. Give 60
    • Make a $60 one-time gift in addition to your regular pledge to recognize your “Do 60” effort and the 60th anniversary of the CFC.

    • Even $60 can provide life-changing help to someone in need. Pledge through the online portal or the CFC Giving Mobile App.

  3. Inspire
    • Share your CFC story with colleagues, friends and family, and invite them to join this 60-year giving movement. You never know who you’ll inspire!

    • To be featured on social media or an upcoming newsletter, email photos of you taking in the challenge at: [email protected]

    • Use our Virtual Meeting Backgrounds to show off your participation to your colleagues!

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Campaign Workers:

We need your help to celebrate 60 years of the Combined Federal Campaign! Honor how far we’ve come, together, and invite your colleagues and changemakers in your lives to take part in the Do 60, Give 60 awareness challenge taking place across the CFCNCA. 

Here are recommended steps (download instructions here!) to implementing this effort in your Department, Agency, Office or Unit campaign now through January 15, 2022.

  • “Do 60, Give 60” invites federal employees and retirees to take part in an activity for 60 minutes (or 60 hours!), and then pledge $60 to honor the 60-year tradition of charitable giving in the federal community. Download this flyer for awareness!
  • Invite colleagues by email. Use the custom template (download here), as a starting point. Ask for assistance from your Public Affairs Office if you need help sending a mass email across your office.
  • Host a CFC awareness event incorporating the “Do 60, Give 60” theme. Establish a way you and your participants can “Do 60” together:
    • Volunteer at a CFC charity for 60 minutes.
    • Wrap 60 gift boxes for a homeless shelter.
    • Write 60 thank-you cards to frontline workers.
    • Take part in a fun activity: do 60 jumping jacks, stack 60 cookies, try to wear 60 articles of clothing, or dance for 60 seconds.
    • At the end, invite them to pledge $60 to recognize the fun they had today.
  • Take initiative: do your own activity, take pictures, and send them to your colleagues for inspiration. Share your story and the donation link with them!
  • Post social media content on your agency’s channels, Intranet or forum board. Or, piece them together and send reminder emails using our logo and graphics (1) (2) (3) (4).
  • Ramp up awareness around Giving Tuesday. Invite colleagues to take part and pledge 60 volunteer hours and give $60 on Giving Tuesday (Nov. 30). Use our Virtual Meeting Backgrounds to spark conversation during a call!
  • Download, print or email a completion certificate to recognize and reward event participants.
  • Share results and team photos with CFCNCA marketing: [email protected]
  • Check out this promotional video from Department of Health & Human Services Admiral Levine, Assistant Secretary on how you can Do 60, Give 60!

banner of federal employees smiling and waving


You, too can be part of our Do 60, Give 60 challenge! Invite federal donors to pledge their 60 minutes, or hours, of volunteerism, and a $60 one-time gift to your organization! Here are some ideas to promote the challenge to your donors and on your channels:

  • Share on social media what kind of impact $60 can make to a beneficiary or program at your organization. You can pull from our content and adjust language to your audience and include an impact statement for reference!
  • Send an email to known donors. (You can customize this template here!)
  • Attend an agency event. Sometimes the invitations come fast, so you need to spring on it quickly! In the event, mention the Do 60, Give 60 challenge and what volunteering or donating to your organization would mean.
  • Show examples of how donors can volunteer at your organization (in-person or virtual? Recommended timeframe? Effort? Results?)
  • Better yet, make a short, 60-second video on what 60 years of the CFC has meant to your organization, and how their 60 minutes, or $60, can continue to change and improve our world!



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