Lemon Face Challenge

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Make a Face. Pledge.
Be the



Make a Lemon Face

In the 2020 CFCNCA, the Combined Federal Campaign of the National Capital Area (CFCNCA) invited federal employees to take part in our “Lemon Face Challenge” from November 2020 to January 2021.

All you had to do is bite into a lemon wedge in front of a camera, then make a pledge and challenge others! Campaign workers were encouraged to hold a contest at their agencies, or host a virtual CFC event featuring it. 

Pledge & Be the Change

After taking part in the challenge, all federal employees and retirees were invited to pledge to honor their efforts, regardless if they made a "lemon face" or stayed strong, then share their photo or video with the campaign marketing team, and challenge others to do the same.

Sharing your challenge result will help us spread the word about the campaign and show how easy and fun it is to Be the Face of Change and make a difference to those in need!


     1. Take a selfie or video while biting into a lemon wedge cell phone, directions
 (Tip: hold your phone horizontal, not vertical, or set it up on your counter against a wall or book)!

2. Submit your “lemon face” photo or video along with your name and Agency to [email protected] so we can feature you in social media posts and a compilation video.

3. Make a pledge in our CFC Giving mobile app under the Lemon Face Challenge event during the 2020 campaign or pledge on GiveCFC.org

4. Share the CFCNCA post(s) with your networks: colleagues, friends, and family, to challenge and invite them to do the challenge and make a pledge!

5. Check out our finale video below: