MedStreet Healing the Homeless

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MedStreet, inc.

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MedStreet : Healing the Streets

MedStreet provides free healthcare to the homeless.

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Help Us Help Them
Every call is a house call

It brings the physician to the homeless where they lay:
on the streets, under the bridges, in the camps;
Wherever they need us.

MedStreet organizes physician-led teams to reach the homeless providing healthcare, food, clothing, and hope.

Undaunted by COVID, forging forward into the unknown and refusing to leave our unhoused neighbors behind,
MedStreet has received national and international attention for its coverage, but we need your support to survive and to expand.

As a federal employee, you serve the citizens of our country.

Add to your purpose serving the forgotten citizens;
the poor, the sick, the forlorn, and the hungry by supporting MedStreet.

I thank you, and our neighbors thank you.

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"the doctor was helpful and a very good doctor and irgored the time he took out"

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"Deare Communty The Doctor come see once a week It is nice O/R come visit me Thanks to him we Im cvage him to see us"

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"Help you'r neighbor because one day you'r neighbor will help you."

MedStreet : Healing the Streets