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Ronald McDonald House Charities of San Diego, Inc.

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Ronald McDonald House Charities of San Diego, Inc. provides a “home-away-from-home” for families with children being treated for serious, often life-threatening conditions at local hospitals. San Diego’s Ronald McDonald House relies on community support. It is the only service of its kind that is open to families caring for children at any San Diego area hospital. Our vision is to provide a welcoming and convenient home base where families may take care of their basic needs so they can better focus on what really matters: caring for their critically ill or injured child.
RMHC-San Diego Help & Hope Video
(Mother 1 speaking to camera :00) This is a great charity,
(Donation Thank You signage :03) and I think it’s a great charity to make donations to and
(Volunteers in Commercial Kitchen :04) to give your time to.
(Father speaking in background; Volunteers putting away food donations :05) Everybody wants to be here, everybody.
(RMH Staff laughing :07) Everybody that works
(Father speaking to the camera :08) here, volunteers here, they all want to be here.
(Sister and brother with RMH Staff :09) None of this would be possible if
(Children with volunteer in playroom :12) it weren’t for people donating.
(Child speaking in background; Zoom into one child in the playroom :13) Not everybody
(Children playing with football :14) has enough money
(Child doing arts and crafts :15) to share,
(Children doing arts and crafts :17) but you can just come and
(Volunteer group serving lunch :18) serve food.
(Grandfather speaking in background; Volunteer serving lunch :20) You don’t know who the next person
(Grandfather speaking to camera :21) is going to be, who’s going to need this place.
(Child and Mom walking in courtyard :24) It could be you, it could be your family,
(Child opening door :25) and you need to have a place like this.
(Outdoor courtyard area :27)
(Mother 2 speaking to camera :28) A lot of the workers and volunteers
(Mother with child and volunteer :31) here at the Ronald McDonald House, we see them
(Child smiling and running outside :33) as family and close friends.
(Mother 2 speaking to camera :34) They really do stand by their words and make it
(Boy smiling and riding tricycle outside :37) feel like a home
(Sister pushing younger sister in toy car outside :38) away from home.
(Mother 3 speaking to the camera :39) Thank you for taking care of our family when we had to be
(Family sitting on couch with triplets :42) away from home. That would
(Focus on Mother 3 speaking :44) be the one thing we couldn’t possibly repay them for.
(Father speaking; family sitting on couch with triplets :46) Thank you for showing us how good people are actually supposed to be.
(Child speaking in the background; Child outside on tricycle :51) If we learn one thing from the
(Child eating outside :52) Ronald McDonald House,
(Children playing outside in playhouse :54) is that healing doesn’t happen alone. It needs help
(Fade to organization’s logo :58) from people like you.