Animal Related

Helping pets in the community

LifeLine's Pets for Life Community Outreach team is always out in the neighborhood, going door to door to meet people and their pets. Our outreach helps us to not only meet new people, but also to reconnect with clients and pets we might not have seen in awhile. Pets like adorable Yuri, who is your stereotypical wiggly pittie, and is always happy to greet you with a smile and a lick on the face. Yuri's owner was excited to see us, as he had lost our contact information. Now he can reach out to us anytime if he needs anything for Yuri!

Loving - Despite it all

Imagine this: you have no home or family, you’re hungry and begging for food. When you ask for help, people throw things at you. You have to try and stay out of harm’s way even though you have nowhere safe to go. You’re at the mercy of the weather. And you’re blind. One day, some people, for no reason other than cruelty, shoot bird-shot at you at close range. That was the life Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary (BCR) resident Uncle Fester endured before coming to BCR in August of 2018. As an adult cat it’s hard to imagine the fear and suffering he endured during his life.