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Treya - Three Legs and a Huge Heart

We recommend avoiding the use of inhumane traps, and for a good reason: we don’t want animals to suffer. So, when tiny kitten, Treya, was caught in one it was not pretty, but her will to live is amazing. Thankfully, a good Samaritan found Treya and brought her to Peninsula Humane Society after freeing her from an inhumane rat trap.
Treya’s front right paw was crushed and became deformed by the trap, causing her an incredible amount of pain. In addition to her paw injury, her overall condition was poor. She was very thin, dehydrated, and anemic due to blood loss.

Thankful for Animals

Animal Charities of America
There are countless reasons we fight for animals: to advocate, protect, rescue, rehabilitate, preserve habitats, train service animals, and so much more. It all comes down to one common idea; we need animals, and they need our help!

We need animals to help remind us of the importance of protecting our vital resources, our rainforests, oceans, and wilderness. Animals give us emotional support, independence, working partnerships, and protection. Above all, we need them for the unconditional love that they share with us!

Jimmy's First Steps

First Steps. These are his first steps of Freedom. Ever.

Jimmy was born in a laboratory, stolen from his mother, tattooed with a federal ID number and then sold to testing.

Beagle Freedom Project saved him, and this photo captures the first time he saw the outside world.

The gentle hand on his back is the first kind touch he has ever felt, but he doesn't know that. He doesn't know this world he is taking in right now is a good place, a good world, and his life is about to change...