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Give the Indigenous Way! Association on American Indian Affairs

Each November is designated as Native American Heritage Month and is a time to honor and celebrate diverse Native American cultures and values. The month gives us an opportunity provide education about the vast contributions Native Peoples have made, and provide opportunities to learn more about both historical and ongoing challenges that affect Native Peoples today. During this Native American Heritage Month, we want to introduce you to the concept of giving the Indigenous way.

Make it Safe to Tell the Truth!

POGO was co-founded in 1981 by trailblazer and Pentagon whistleblower, Ernie Fitzgerald who understood the significance of people powered accountability. Our investigations into waste, fraud, corruption, and abuse of power allow us to find deficiencies in federal government policies, programs, and projects. Much of our focus is where government and powerful private interests intersect, a nexus where corruption and abuse of power can thrive if oversight isn’t strong.